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June 17, 2020, 3:30 am

Deputy Premier John Prescott Vows to Keep Post Under Casino Probe

United Kingdom Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has sworn to remain on the job as the Parliament launches an investigation on the depth of his involvement with US casino tycoon Philip Anschutz.

"I'm going to get on with my job," Prescott said in a recent interview on BBC radio, banging on studio furniture for emphasis. "I'm not leaving it. I'm getting on with it. I'm staying as long as I believe I'm getting on with the job."

Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards Philip Mawer is set to make a formal investigation Thursday into Prescott's Colorado vacation in the U.S. and why it wasn't declared.

Prescott has been put in a compromising spot after his summer 2005 visit to the Colorado estate of the Anschutz. The casino mogul is in a bid to turn the Millennium Dome in London into Britain's first super casino.

"Here's a guy who comes along, buys the Dome, which everybody says was a liability, turning a poisonous bit of land into one of the best pieces of regeneration," Prescott said, defending his actions.

"If a man comes to me with that deal, I'll see him every three months. I had no influence over that planning decision. The planning decision didn't have to come to my department because the local authority made it."


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